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My first blog post, at last...!

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

Welcome everybody to my first blog post.

It has taken a good year or so from thinking about setting this blog up to actually doing it but all of a sudden the right time has come along! The last year or so has been spent digging deep into my creative soul and re-assessing where it is taking me. It has lead me to pick up the paint brushes and start painting again, a strong desire I have had since packing up my old studio to move house a good few years ago! Being creative is a huge part of me aka 'Suzielou'. You probably guessed it my middle name is Louise.

Anyway, I'm going to try and keep my blog posts short and sweet but filled with colourful glimpses of my creative journey still in the making as ever. So I am starting off with some paintings I have created over the last few weeks whilst on the course 52 PAINTINGS: A YEAR OF EXPLORATION, JOYFUL SELF DISCOVERY AND COMMUNITY THROUGH PAINTING with Mati Rose and Faith Evans-Sills. I have admired both of these amazing artists for a while now and when I made the decision to pick up the brushes again this course magically appeared from somewhere. I decided what better an opportunity than to jump right in with them and many other creative spirits to share in a year long journey of painting, learning new techniques, sharing inspiration and being part of a creative community. I am really enjoying this course and the fact it has made me take ownership of my intention to paint. Watch this space for more paintings coming soon.

Suzielou abstract paintings
Tranquility by Suzielou

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