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What’s happening at Suzielou’s

Hey there folks! I thought I would hop on here and start a monthly round up of what has been going on in my world. It’s been over a year now since I relocated with my family to Cornwall and we started our new family adventure. Within this year we have started work renovating our new home which is an old farmhouse in the country and as a family we have started meeting new friends, creating new routines and trying to spend as much time in the sea as possible!

Playing in the sea

Within my art practice I have introduced weekly painting practices. You can follow along at which is my facebook page. Below is an example of a colour inspiration post and a Friday’s ‘peek of the week’.

Colour inspiration

Peek of the week - watercolour birds

September has been a busy month. I have added some new scooter bag designs to my kids collection which are now available in my shop on my website. I have also been working very hard on revamping my website so that you can now buy directly from me here, yeaaagh!

Furthermore, I have been working on and have finished a few big canvases that have been resting for a while! These are available in my artfinder shop now but will also soon be on my website shop too. This is one of my next jobs on my forever growing list!

Summer Vibes Acrylic Painting by Suzie Cumming

Goodbye for now! I hope you enjoy the new colours and inspiration that is appearing at this time of year, those pinky red sunsets, crunchy leaves and pumpkins popping up as we head in to Autumn.


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