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New Challenges for 2020!

Hey, it's 2020, Happy New Year!

Over the last few weeks I have been reflecting about the year gone by and making plans for the year to come. 2019 for me and my family was a year of transitioning into a new home, exploring new surroundings and making new friends. This New Year brings renewed energy to invest in creating art and making business ideas happen as we settle into a more comfortable day to day existence.

I have a few major goals this year but I want to focus on just one in this blog post, I will share more throughout the year. One of my goals is to make more art, to show up more in my art practice and feel more progression. Time can be a major factor of not showing up to paint. It is easy for me to say, "I haven't got the time!" but I have realised just how important it is for me to be able to make some time to paint during the week. It is something that genuinely makes me happy. So, this year I have decided to set myself some instagram challenges to help me on my way. I find a project deadline helps me to focus and pull out the stops. By creating challenges that only require 10-30 minutes of my time a day it will not be so easy to fail!

So my challenge this month is to paint a leaf a day for 30 days starting on the 7th of January. And it is simple, I just need to pick a leaf and draw it how every I want to, the simpler the better! I have chosen to draw in black ink for now but who knows what I'll be using to draw with after or week or so. If you want to join in feel free, just post your leaves on your instagram feed and tag #leafaday. Here are a few so far!

Suzie Cumming #leafaday challenge.

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